Villa Anthi – Luxury Accomondation in Lefkada

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Cultural of Lefkada

Lefkada is an island with a wide spiritual tradition. Its geographical position – like all the others islands of Ionian Sea – obtained a closer relationship with the West, in the years where all Continental Greece had been experiencing the spiritual Middle Age of Turkish Domination. The temperamental Heptanisian culture and[…]

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History of Lefkada

The name of the island “Lefkada” routed from the name “Lefkas Petra” or “Lefkas Akra”, an ancient name of today’s Leukata, the southern cape of the island. The wild white rocks of the cape where, according to, the poet Sapfo ended her life in the name of love, gave the[…]

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Kite Surf in Lefkada

Myloi is the only registered beach exclusive to Kite Surfers. Situated right next to Agios Ioannis beach, it enjoys fantastic winds. The Kite Surf Open tournament is often hosted here. Adrenaline peaks, as the mistral wind blows and kite surfers reach 30-40 mph.

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